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The subdivision we live in, Pine Brook Hills, decided to build a 100 acre-foot dam, and fill it by running water down Two Mile Gulch, which happened to run through our property, right next to our house. So in September, 2005, my partner Aria and I, along with some friends and helpers, dug and poured our own tiny concrete dam, and waited until October 2006 when the Pine Brook Water District actually began flowing water down the gulch. The pictures below show what our pond (christened Aria's Pond) looks like as of July 2009, and a few pictures of the construction project. The pond has a constantly running stream of water running through it, approximately 150 gpm, and will do so for most of the year. Other pictures below show the dam itself, and some constructions shots. Soon to follow will be more landscaping around the pond, as well as a stone sitting area to the right.

South View of House & Aria's Pond - July 18, 2009

October 12, 2006 -- Dam/Spillway with 150 gpm of water flowing through it into a culvert that runs under our driveway and all the way down to Pine Brook Dam.
October 2005 -- One of our goals for building the dam was to ensure that all the water that flowed down the gulch went directly into the culvert, and not underneath it. Aria supervised and did a lot of the work, including hand-digging the actual pond (see below).
October 2005 -- The forms during the pouring of the dam. We mixed all the concrete by hand, and used 80 bags.
October 2005 -- The finished dam, once the forms were pulled off. Note the depth of the pond, and the EPDM liner on the front half of it to protect the dam and the culvert.
April 2006 -- Aria and Craig building the east retaining wall, consisting of large slabs of flagstone and concrete to hold everything together.
May 06 -- The empty pond showing all the rocks, retaining slabs and dam... waiting for the water to flow.
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